The service experience

  1. Overall, how would you describe your service experience with Car Heaven Car Wash?
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  3. To what standard would you rate our customer service when it comes to explaining vehicle cleaning options to suit your personal needs?
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  5. How would you rate us for the time we took to clean your vehicle?
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Quality standards

  1. Rate your satisfaction with the interior cleaning of your vehicle (if this service is applicable)
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  3. Rate your satisfaction with the exterior cleaning of your vehicle (if this service is applicable)
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  5. Rate us on how well we cleaned your wheels/mags? (if this service is applicable)
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  7. How well were your windows cleaned (if this service is applicable)?
  8.  Very Good Good Fair Poor Very Poor

  9. Rate your overall satisfaction with the appearance of your vehicle
  10.  Very Good Good Fair Poor Very Poor

  11. Rate us on how much you believe this service could be described as ‘value for money’?
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